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Premium Pullets

As consumer needs continue to drive the growth in free range eggs, pullets have to be more robust and resilient than ever before.

A flock that is uniform in weight and above industry standards in bodyweight will reward you with a higher egg production and a lower mortality rate. Premium pullets may cost a few pence more per bird, but in our experience, give a better return on your investment.

85% evenness

Evenness is a measure of uniformity of weight, and performance data from our 120,000 laying hens shows that uniformity of flock equates to uniformity of production and efficiency of feeding.

30g over breed standard body weight

Performance data from our own flock of 120,000 laying hens shows that birds that are above the industry standard body weight lay 6 – 12 more eggs over their laying lifetime. We feel that over breed standard body weights mean the birds are more resilient to disease challenges, and able to lay more consistently, potentially lengthening laying life.

Download a sample data summary (PDF)

Tiered aviary system

All of our birds are reared on a bespoke ‘Jump Start’ system that we have developed in conjunction with industry experts. The Jump Start system encourages the birds to jump up to higher levels to access food and water and equips them with the skills to make an easy transition to multi- tiered laying systems which will help to reduce floor eggs. We also have the only licensed tiered aviary system in the UK.

A Wot-A-Pullet pullet

Single age sites

On the advice of our veterinary surgeon, all of the birds on our sites are hatched within 10 days of each other. This helps to maintain high levels of biosecurity and reduces the potential risk of cross contamination and infection that could occur between birds of varying ages.

If you would like to learn more about our gold standard pullets, please email info@wotanegg.co.uk or use our contact form.