> Wot-A-Pullet, the gold standard in pullet rearing

Wot-A-Pullet is an independent pullet rearing business, proud of the fact that our birds consistently exceed industry standards in terms of evenness, bodyweight and egg production. All pullets are fully vaccinated and customers are able to track growth progress through weekly reports. We only sell pullets that we have reared ourselves and are the only producer to use the licensed aviary system to prepare our pullets for different types of laying systems.

Wot-A-Pullet, the Gold Standard in pullet rearing.

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Sharing our experience

Wot-A-Pullet offers impartial advice to help you select the breed to best suit your needs. We also support and advise on the laying farm, helping to bring birds up to peak production.

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Foundations for a better flock

All of our pullets are reared on single aged sites to maintain highest levels of biosecurity and prevent cross contamination which can otherwise occur between birds of varying ages.

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